Staying Connected While Physical Distancing

You were created a relational being. You were built for relationships. God designed you to love. Back in the 1990's, I led a week of church camp. One of the threads of the week was the need for healthy physical touches, primarily hugs. The research we cited revealed that humans need eight (8) meaningful, healthy … Continue reading Staying Connected While Physical Distancing

Peace in Uncertain Times

The other day, I stood on my deck and experienced the many signs of spring. A cardinal and a robin sang their respective songs. The crocus flowers were blooming as were the daffodils. In the energy of spring, there was a peace, a calm. While the natural world is bursting with life, the world of … Continue reading Peace in Uncertain Times

Following Jesus and Inviting Others to Come Along

Several weeks ago, I had a teachable moment. I will spare you all the details. But what I came away with was the idea that Jesus was going to make me a "Fisher of men!" Okay, so I have been in vocational ministry for 30+ years. I have "led" hundreds of people to the Lord. … Continue reading Following Jesus and Inviting Others to Come Along