Yes, I Did It Again!

1). It was late Sunday night after a long week. 2). My wife and I had had an intense conversation earlier. 3). A late afternoon meeting was a washout. 4). I was reminded my team wasn't in the NCAA tournament as I rooted for yet another conference rival (who was getting beat). 5). My grandson … Continue reading Yes, I Did It Again!

Home Is Where the Heart Is

It was Christmas morning 1991. I left my church in Kentucky shortly after the midnight Christmas Eve communion service. It was a two hour drive. It was late. I was alone on the road, well almost. The red lights flashed in my rearview mirror told me differently. I looked down, 70 in a 45, oops! … Continue reading Home Is Where the Heart Is

A Work of Art

I was recently asked to join a team headed to El Salvador to teach at a Leadership Seminar for church planters, ministry students and other church leaders with various roles from teaching Bible School to hosting house churches. To my pleasant surprise there were several young people in attendance. This group amazed me. They were … Continue reading A Work of Art

Bananas, Beans and Chinese Handcuffs

A few days ago, I had the privilege to spend the day visiting house churches in the mountains of El Salvador near Tepecoyo. At one of the homes, I met a handsome young man of about nine years his name was Juan (not really). His family's house had a no flooring and they cooked over an … Continue reading Bananas, Beans and Chinese Handcuffs

Live on Purpose: Habits that will transform your life, pt 2

In my previous post, Live on Purpose: Habits that will transform you life, pt 1, I wrote how life is fueled by purpose. Jesus lived a sent life. He found energy in doing what His Father had sent Him to do. We also find energy when we are doing the things that we are passionate … Continue reading Live on Purpose: Habits that will transform your life, pt 2