Working Through the Messiness of Relationships

"I may lose my relationship with you over this," I said, "but I am willing to risk it.  It is my job to protect you and I have made my decision." I sat on the floor facing my daughter. She sat glaring at me. I was so mad, I swore. I was drawing a line in the … Continue reading Working Through the Messiness of Relationships

Help, I Need a Translator!

I struggle with words. Sometimes, I stutter. Other times, I just can't remember the word I want to use. And even worse, I will be talking when all of a sudden I won't be able to pronounce a word. Try as I might, I just cannot say it properly. My family enjoys my handicap. They … Continue reading Help, I Need a Translator!

Bananas, Beans and Chinese Handcuffs

A few days ago, I had the privilege to spend the day visiting house churches in the mountains of El Salvador near Tepecoyo. At one of the homes, I met a handsome young man of about nine years his name was Juan (not really). His family's house had a no flooring and they cooked over an … Continue reading Bananas, Beans and Chinese Handcuffs

Rebuilding – Weathering the Storm, pt 4

Following Hurricane Michael many people in the Florida Panhandle, found themselves homeless, jobless, afraid, alone, emotionally wrecked and hopeless. Storms of life can leave people with similar experiences. Like disaster relief organizations are to the people in a physical storm, the church can provide immediate and long term help with recovery and rebuilding for those … Continue reading Rebuilding – Weathering the Storm, pt 4

I Double Dog Dare You!

I believe the enemy has pulled one of the greatest stunts of history over on humanity. It is the sisification of the church. I know that I am not alone nor the first to recognize and write about the this issue. However, I let me define sisification: Sisification is the movement of a culture to eliminate … Continue reading I Double Dog Dare You!

Live Up (Secret to a Joy Filled Life, pt 6)

I love talking with immigrants. They love the USA. They love the freedom, opportunity and acceptance. They have come here and are working hard to become naturalized citizens. Their work ethic and patriotism warm my heart. I recently read this, "US Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis said, 'The only title in our democracy superior to … Continue reading Live Up (Secret to a Joy Filled Life, pt 6)