Peace Challenge

What is your greatest hope for 2019? I have used this conversation started for the last few weeks. It has given me insight into people's lives. One young lady at the drive-thru responded, "I want to learn to drive." The conversation that followed revealed she was a single mom, wanting to get her GED so … Continue reading Peace Challenge

Fear Not!

When my wife Beth and I were married. She came as a package deal. Her son was six years old. They had lived with her parents as she finished high school and then graduated from college. After the ring ceremony in our wedding, I gave Stephen a bracelet promising to love him and to become … Continue reading Fear Not!

A Work of Art

I was recently asked to join a team headed to El Salvador to teach at a Leadership Seminar for church planters, ministry students and other church leaders with various roles from teaching Bible School to hosting house churches. To my pleasant surprise there were several young people in attendance. This group amazed me. They were … Continue reading A Work of Art

Bananas, Beans and Chinese Handcuffs

A few days ago, I had the privilege to spend the day visiting house churches in the mountains of El Salvador near Tepecoyo. At one of the homes, I met a┬áhandsome young man of about nine years his name was Juan (not really). His family's house had a no flooring and they cooked over an … Continue reading Bananas, Beans and Chinese Handcuffs

Rebuilding – Weathering the Storm, pt 4

Following Hurricane Michael many people in the Florida Panhandle, found themselves homeless, jobless, afraid, alone, emotionally wrecked and hopeless. Storms of life can leave people with similar experiences. Like disaster relief organizations are to the people in a physical storm, the church can provide immediate and long term help with recovery and rebuilding for those … Continue reading Rebuilding – Weathering the Storm, pt 4

The Unique You – Weathering the Storm, pt 3

In September of 2008, the Ohio Valley experienced a unique weather phenomenon, a dry hurricane as the remnants of Ike blew through the region. Ike's 85mph winds uprooted trees and severely damaged many roofs. There were wide range power outages for days. Some storms do not bring water. While we don't think of droughts as … Continue reading The Unique You – Weathering the Storm, pt 3

Strength at the Core – Weathering the Storm, pt 2

In this broken world of chaos, we often face storms in our lives. Jesus said these storms would come. He also said that if we would put into practice His words, our lives would stand strong in the midst of these storms (see Weathering the Storm, pt 1). Life Coach Scott Jeffery said, "Values guide … Continue reading Strength at the Core – Weathering the Storm, pt 2

Live on Purpose: Habits that will transform you life, pt 4

Life is fueled by purpose. We are energized when we doing things of great value. Jesus found energy when He was doing what the Father had sent Him to do. But honestly there are things that hold us back from experiencing the Extraordinary Life that Jesus came to give us. Fear dampens our life experiences … Continue reading Live on Purpose: Habits that will transform you life, pt 4