Staying Connected While Physical Distancing

You were created a relational being. You were built for relationships. God designed you to love. Back in the 1990's, I led a week of church camp. One of the threads of the week was the need for healthy physical touches, primarily hugs. The research we cited revealed that humans need eight (8) meaningful, healthy … Continue reading Staying Connected While Physical Distancing

Peace in Uncertain Times

The other day, I stood on my deck and experienced the many signs of spring. A cardinal and a robin sang their respective songs. The crocus flowers were blooming as were the daffodils. In the energy of spring, there was a peace, a calm. While the natural world is bursting with life, the world of … Continue reading Peace in Uncertain Times

Home Is Where the Heart Is

It was Christmas morning 1991. I left my church in Kentucky shortly after the midnight Christmas Eve communion service. It was a two hour drive. It was late. I was alone on the road, well almost. The red lights flashed in my rearview mirror told me differently. I looked down, 70 in a 45, oops! … Continue reading Home Is Where the Heart Is

Generosity Is the Investment Vehicle of Eternity

Jesus said it is more blessed to give than to receive. I can attest to that truth. Beth and I love doing for others. We enjoy watching their faces when they realize they are loved. Recently we had a young couple in our church face some financial hardships. The husband had been hired through a … Continue reading Generosity Is the Investment Vehicle of Eternity

Working Through the Messiness of Relationships

"I may lose my relationship with you over this," I said, "but I am willing to risk it.  It is my job to protect you and I have made my decision." I sat on the floor facing my daughter. She sat glaring at me. I was so mad, I swore. I was drawing a line in the … Continue reading Working Through the Messiness of Relationships